exciting news + financial update

Hi everyone! Hope you are savoring the last bit of summer wherever you are. I feel like I say this every time I start a post but this month is flying by! The past weeks have been busy preparing for the conference we are hosting in 2 weeks. We are going to be about 100 people here in total, and we have people staying in our staff apartments, friends’ apartments, the base, in tents, other apartments; needless to say we are going to be a full house for a week!

But this morning I want to share a bit of my financial needs with you. Some of you reading this may already be supporting me monthly, and others have given once or twice, and some faithfully pray. All are so important in the unity of sending and empowering missionaries. This and next month I do have some costs that I am going to need help covering.

National Conference is happening next week and it is where all Ywam bases in France come together and fellowship somewhere in France. We are renting some cars and making the 8 hour drive to near Montpellier, and camping there for the 5 days. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet more missionaries in this nation and to hear from speaker John Dawson! The total cost for this trip for staff is 140 euros ($208).

Visa Renewal: My one year visa will be expiring at the end of September and I am gathering my paperwork for the renewal process. After it gets processed it will be 269 euros ($401). 

Spring visit back to Canada: I have been praying about making a trip back to Abbotsford next year to connect back with Sevenoaks, supporters, and friends, and I felt strongly to go in the spring next year. I will be needing flights (between $800-$1000) covered and once I book them I will let everyone know when I will be back so we can have coffee and catch up! Hopefully I can catch some of Julia’s CBC volleyball games as well which I so miss watching.

In other exciting news, some of you may remember that I did some fundraising last fall by selling some of my handmade macrame wall hangings! I am doing it again! I made an etsy shop which you can see HERE! I am hoping to attract some buyers from France because shipping costs to Canada, I’m not going to lie, are a joke. But when I come to Abbotsford I will bring some if any of you like any styles you can let me know and I can make something similar. They are really in right now and I love making them, so please let me know if you would like one!

If you would like to give to cover some of these expenses, please pray about it and let me know. I am going to be praying for these costs covered this and next week, so please join me in prayer as well!

You can give online with my Chimp giving account, and get a tax-deductible receipt. Feel free to email me at stephaniebweiss@gmail.com if you have an questions about it, too.

So thankful to be doing this and thankful for my community of supporters. Enjoy the last couple weeks of summer and keep us here in your prayers for the next few busy weeks! (The week after the conference here we have another staff wedding we are all attending and I am helping with bouquets and decor which is right up my ally and I am looking forward to it). Here is a few photos of late. Last weekend a few of us went camping and it was lovely to get away for a couple nights.

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

Wall hanging from the shop!
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Successfully opened a French bank account! Needing this to apply for French health care system.

God bless and have a great Wednesday!



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