new quarter

It’s October! It’s been a whirlwind of a summer season here and we are soaking up the last days of 20+ degrees and gorgeous sunsets over the Atlantic. The 12 surf and snow DTS students have arrived! They will be having lectures October-December, and their outreach January-March ish. But they seem like an incredible school and it’s been awesome to get to know them a little bit the past week.

Maddie & Sunsets!

Early Saturday morning 10 staff members left for Paris to pioneer a Ywam base there! They will be running the Backpack Europe DTS and the Music DTS and hope to start many other training schools. Exciting times for them, sad to see them leave but they are only an overnight bus away and are going to do great things there!

Paris team packing up their moving van!

So what am I doing this quarter? As you know I have been running the Hospitality ministry on base, and I will be continuing that with another staff this quarter as we look at how we can improve and make hospitality at Ywam Biarritz the best its ever been!

In other news I am excited to share with you some different things God is leading me into this fall. As some of you know, and some of you may not, since graduating high school I have struggled with my health. It seemed like every other month I was back in the hospital with pelvic pain, getting blood tests done, ultrasounds, and all seeming to lead nowhere. Last summer I was officially diagnosed with insulin resistance and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome- which is actually quite common, affecting 1 in 10 women. There is no ‘cure’ for this illness, and after doing (lots of) my own research, I decided to make a big change in how and what I eat. There are hundreds of testimonies of how this diet and lifestyle change has helped women with symptoms and reversed ovarian cyst growth altogether. I am still trusting the Lord with this for full healing as I do what I can do to help my body function the best it can as I stay away from processed foods and sugars and choose fiber-rich foods, whole grains, and lots of lovely greens. I am planning on getting tests here done again soon to see where I am at with my hormone and blood sugar levels, as well as further ultrasounds. BUT God has been revealing more of my heart and speaking into greater vision and calling for my life, and a big part of this is women’s health and nutrition!

Of course I don’t know exactly what this broad subject (including a huge heart for maternal health and babies in the 3rd world specifically) holds..but I am excited for what it will bring my way. I have applied to start an online program in Applied Nutrition and will be starting within 2-3 weeks to get some foundational knowledge of a holistic approach to health and nutrition. As well I am planning on taking different free 5-10 study hour courses online moreso on topics like Maternal health and public health in the developing world.

As Ywam Biarritz our vision is to “adopt” communities in Northern and Western Africa and the Middle East and work in community development and there is so much opportunity for women and children’s ministry within health and nutrition in these places. 2 staff members are going to Niger next month to pray into places there and see what God has. So for me it is moreso a time of sowing and planting, and we will see in the next year(s) how God will lead!

Thank you for everyone standing with me in finances and prayer- some prayer requests this quarter would be for financial provision in different expenses that have come up. I got a donation last month to cover my $400CAD visa which was a huge answer to prayer! My appointment went well and everything went smoothly so I will be awaiting my Carte de Sejour to come in the mail. Praise God! But you can stand with me in prayer that finances are provided for the entirety of the nutrition courses, as I feel like God has really led me into it for this time. I have also been sick for a couple weeks with a sinus infection, and prayer for speedy healing would be awesome. This quarter is also a totally new season for the base with a lot of staff leaving for Paris, and that God would continue to bless and move here and that we would be a place still centered around family and community and that the students would all fit in super well.

Thank you so much! Praying for you and thinking of you!










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