Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and spent time with friends and family! I got to Facetime some of my family that were together in Calgary for a few days and it was lovely to see them and chat a bit. There are certain times of the year where it is harder to be away from my Canadian community and family, and certain moments where I miss different aspects of Canada more, and thanksgiving is one of those times! But that being said, we are actually having a Canadian/American thanksgiving celebration tonight here in France! We have been making loads of pies in preparation and are inviting some people from the community to come and enjoy the night with us. So it should be lots of fun!

The past month the base has been running the lecture phase of the Surf themed Discipleship school and the students get a new topic and speaker every week. Running hospitality is going well, and I have been factoring in 1-2 hours a day for my natural health and nutrition course. So excited for how God is going to lead me in this. But for now I am still continuing to serve the base in Hospitality and I’ve also started to lead some worship times on guitar or piano.

New things happening here: There is a staff here who is starting a new DTS in the spring! It is called the Awaken DTS, with lectures in french, and when it starts, the quarter will be totally in French! So it will be a great opportunity to be more immersed in French and improve comprehension and speaking in a number of ways this Spring. With that quarter, the base leadership is wanting all staff to be at a greater level of French and we are going to be taking French lessons from a local language school across the street from the base. I am going to do a fundraiser of some sort for the fees (about 500 euros) for 2 months of intense study. Beginners can start at a beginner level and some of the staff who already have a basic level of comprehension will start at a more advanced level. We are planning to start classes in groups in January and February. I will be letting the Facebook world know about the fundraiser and be praying into it this month.

Another exciting announcement! I am going to see my family in Singapore on the 6th of December! I will be on holidays until early January and will be spending some much-needed time with my family after being apart for a year- and how exciting- in a country I’ve never been to before! So I am looking forward to it greatly. November is already here and the weather is cooling off for fall. The changing of seasons is a beautiful time! So thankful to be here serving and loving Jesus and the people I am living with and doing life with. Thank you for your prayers and support always!








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