Prayer and Fundraising Update

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and gearing up for the lovely Christmas season wherever you are in the world!

I thought I would write up a bit of a November prayer/fundraising update this month!

I have had it on my heart to do some fundraising before Christmas this year to raise funds for the new year, for future flights, French courses, visa costs, etc. I have macrame wall hangings and art prints for sale! (Photos down below!)

A friend of mine on staff here is going to her home in the Vancouver area for Christmas and is willing to bring my hand-made macrame wall hangings with her in her luggage and meet in Langley for free pick-ups! So that means any one of these hangings could be in YOUR HOME for Christmas or under the tree for that perfect gift! (haha, am I selling you on it?)

I have also made some watercolour art prints that will be by donation as well. If you’d like one I can send you the file online and then you are free to print it out/frame it however big/small you would like!

Every hanging/art print is by donation, what you would like to give towards what I am doing here. I’m so thankful for every dollar that has been given so generously over the past year, and with my 2-year commitment over halfway done now, I’m excited to see how God provides for this year, too.

Ok, some prayer requests:

-My Carte de Sejour (renewable french Visa for the next year) application was processed, but I just received a letter yesterday that said it did not get fully accepted due to some problem with my Canadian bank statements. I have until March to figure it out but I would love prayer for this to go through and whoever will be processing it next to have grace.

Vision for 2018! I have different ideas of specifics I might do on base when I get back from Singapore but I would love some clarity and for God to speak clearly to me about where I should serve.

Finances! I have enough monthly support to pay in each month for food and lodging, but not much extra to buy other necessities that come up month to month like new volleyball shoes, gas to drive our vans to my volleyball games/practices, etc. It’s always an adventure trusting God for daily needs but I have tons of stories already of how he provides! I am trusting for more monthly supporters for the 2018 season.

-Continued growth in the French language. I love my volleyball club for this reason (besides that volleyball is just the best sport there is..)- I am totally immersed in French for 4-6 hours a week! God really has given me a gift in picking up languages and I’m praying for continued ability and knowledge to grow.

THANK YOU again for reading this, praying with me, and supporting me as I serve with Ywam Biarritz.

I am posting these onFacebook, too, so please let me know if you are interested in one before they’re gone! And please feel free to spread the word, share the link on Facebook, to see if any one else in the lower mainland area is interested. The “payment” can be received to my online giving group with Chimp or with Paypal, whichever works better for you! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great weekend!

Steph 🙂

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Print #1
Print #2
Print #2
Hanging #1
Hanging #2
Hanging #3
Hanging #4
Hanging #5
Hanging #5
Hanging #6
Hanging #7

One thought on “Prayer and Fundraising Update

  1. Why don’t you offer some made to order signs too. Like kids names, fav bible verses quotes or poems. Just a thought. Personalize it Mom


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