nouvelles de février

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe February is already halfway over! (I feel like I start every update like that). But it’s true, February is flying by.

Currently on base with us we have an outreach team from Florida serving with us in the preparation of the cafe/surf shop. They are pretty much doubling us in size, which is crazy as the DTS we are running right now has only 4 students. So it is a smaller quarter but that is nice from time to time, for sure.

In a YWAM ‘base’, generally there are bible schools that run quarterly throughout the year. Alongside those bible schools, there are ‘ministries’ that staff have started. There is a lady here who leads the ‘Women and Children’ ministry, who is planning on working with women in prostitution in Europe, our ‘surf’ focused ministry is run by staff who are pioneering this ‘surf’ holistic business/cafe to create this hub for surfers/young people to come and hang out. With sports ministry, it is really just starting to come to life. 3 of us are working in it and there are lots of long-term plans and vision for Biarritz and for outreaches. But taking it day by day, and with some of my passions being the health and nutrition aspect in sport, I have started to plan and purchase material for the base to start a vegetable garden! We have always had the space but no one has had the time to do so. So that is one of my projects of late and I will share how that goes. We have also been taking small steps towards having our own “gym” space with equipment and a room for people to come and work out. I am in charge of keeping this space clean, and writing up on our board different ‘workouts of the day’.

The goals right now of ‘sports ministry’ at our base is, before taking health and nutrition into missions and outreaches, be sure that we are living it out in our own lives. Which is why we are starting the gym space, raising funds by making and selling healthy snacks to buy more equipment, editing our base meals and brainstorming healthier meal plans, etc. This is great for me now as it is like putting the knowledge I am learning from my course into practicality.

I still go to volleyball weekly in my club league and my 4×4 league. Both are challenging and fun and such a blessing for me to be a part of.

So I hope this gives you a bit more insight into what I’m up to currently with sports ministry here! Currently with University of the Nations, the plan is to actually run most of an Associates Degree in Sports and Health from Biarritz. I have been included in some of the discussion and planning towards that, and the goal is to have students coming in 2020 to be able to start these courses.

As well, I am still going on that short-term trip to Marseille to help out with a kids camp in April! I will be going with a friend on staff here and we will help prep the VBS and hang out with the kids singing songs and doing all sorts of arts and crafts. I helped out with this camp 3 years ago and it’s going to be so amazing to go back and see some of the same kids again. Looking forward to it!

March is around the corner, and I am looking forward to Spring weather here and the return of the students and staff that are currently on outreach in Africa and the Middle-East. Blessings on the rest of your February and entry into a new season!

Prayer Points:

-finances for French classes (still needing $435CAD)

-development of Sports Ministry here

-further vision and revelation of where God wants me and what He is leading me into

Merci Beaucoup pour toutes vos prières,





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